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LPG / Natural Gas / CNG are a vital component of the world's supply of energy. It is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources. SVI Gas Savers are effective with all these energy sources.

  Commercial establishments such as Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Resorts, Clubs, Cafes, Sweet Shops, Canteens, etc and other institutions such as Hospitals and Hostels choose SVI Gas Saver because of its cost effective results.We make businesses more cost-effective, clean and keep customers smiling.


Different types of cooking are efficiently performed using SVI Gas Saver: Boiling, Stewing, Frying, Grilling, Toasting, Broiling, Roasting, Baking, etc.

Water Heating

Hotels and Inns need to provide hot water for bathrooms, spas and swimming pools for comfort of their guests. SVI Gas Saver has been proven to be a cost effective and reduces pollution.


Hotels, Hospitals and other such establishments require steam and hot-water for laundry. SVI Gas Saver has been proven to be a cost effective and reduces pollution.

Air Conditioning

SVI Gas Saver can be used in Vapour absorption chillers (used for air-conditioning) to save on huge gas costs required for running traditional air conditioners.


Hospitals and Laboratories generate hazardous bio-medical waste which needs to be incinerated for safe disposal. SVI Gas Saver is used in heavy incinerators applications for complete burning of the bio-medical waste with reduced harmful emissions and cost.

Industries require cost-effective and efficient energy solutions for their various processes. In most applications, SVI Gas Saver can be used as a clean and cost-effective solution in furnaces, kilns, ovens, dryers, boilers, hot air generators, etc. Some of which are described below.


SVI GAS SAVER finds application for drying of various agricultural crops like drying of seeds and pulses, roasting of peanuts, curing of tobacco, etc. Drying with SVI GAS SAVER is economical.

Automobile and Auto Ancillary

SVI GAS SAVER is used for production of automobile components like engine blocks, gears & transmission parts, springs, alloy wheels etc. SVI GAS SAVER is also used in paint-shop and powder coating units in these industries.


SVI GAS SAVER is used in kilns and furnaces in the ceramic industry for manufacturing tableware, decorative earthenware, sanitary ware, electrical insulators, etc.

Chemicals, Paints & Dyes, Soaps & Detergents

SVI GAS SAVER is used in chemical industries for process heating (through steam), roasting and drying of chemicals.


SVI GAS SAVER is used in Dairy industries for process heating, cleaning and drying applications. The energy source is usually steam or hot water generated through boilers / thermic fluid heaters which uses SVI Gas Savers.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Typical applications like melting, pre-heating of ingots/bars, various forms of heat treatment, protective surface coatings, etc. uses gas which can be reduced by using SVI Gas Savers.

Engineering & Fabrication

SVI GAS SAVER is used in engineering and metal fabrication processes for cutting & joining metals - both ferrous and non-ferrous. Natural Gas / LPG is a cost-effective option for oxy-gas cutting compared to acetylene, and in brazing furnaces compared to diesel. When there is Natural Gas / LPG there is SVI Gas Savers.

Food & Beverages

SVI GAS SAVER is used in bakeries for baking of breads, cakes & biscuits, in biscuit units for baking of wafers & cream biscuits.


SVI GAS SAVER is used in glass industries for various processes like glass feeders, annealing lehrs, glass cutting and fire polishing, melting, etc.

Surface Coatings

The applications include curing of paint after spray painting, baking of powder coated articles, galvanizing and other protective metal coatings uses SVI Gas Savers..

Paper & Packaging

SVI GAS SAVER is used paper industries for drying to produce high quality paper sheets, and also in the manufacture of packaging materials like corrugated sheets, rolls and boxes.


SVI GAS SAVER is perfectly suited for Pharmaceutical industries which need steam in a variety of processes, without compromising on clean ambience and high environmental standards.


SVI GAS SAVER is used in plastic industries for heating in injection moulding process and rotomoulding process to produce wide variety of plastic articles such as bottles, storage tanks, containers, etc.


SVI GAS SAVER is used in the print industry for drying of ink to produce high quality glossy prints for magazines, etc.


SVI GAS SAVER is used in textile & garments industry for numerous applications - Singeing (burning off loose yarn for better fabric finish), Calendaring (another finishing process), Drying after printing on fabrics and Steam generation.


SVI GAS SAVER powering applications in other industries such as Batteries, Blades, Woven & non-woven sacs, Electrical & Electronics, Consumer Goods, etc And we are finding more and more.

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